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Internet Field Trips



The Aquifer - Water for survival, water cycle, how water is used, etc.
Baking Bread - Properties of matter, nutrition
Dinosaurs - A prehistoric adventure
Endangered Species - Endangered species, how/why animals become endangered
Fierce Creatures - Animal defense mechanisms
Hurricanes - Hurricanes, preparing for hurricanes
Natural Wonders - Natural Wonders, geology, geography
Oceans - Ocean ecosystems
Salt Marshes - Salt marsh ecosystem
Sharks - Sharks, sharks as endangered species
Temperate Forest
Volcanoes - Volcanoes, how they are formed, types of volcanos
Wildfires - Wildfires - why they are destructive and needed
All along a river
Glacier Photos
Glacier National Park
The Farm
Chick Hatchery
Cat Dissection
Virtual Cell
Human Body Adventure
Virtual Body
Animated Virtual Planetarium
Virtual Space Tour
NASA's Interplanetary Photojournal
Virtual Cave
Virtual Christmas Tree Farm Tour
Where Does Sugar Come From
Virtual Farm Tours
Coal Mine Tour
Visit an Estuary
World of Simple Machines
The Water Cycle
Adam's Apples
Rainforest Walk
Boston Museum of Science - Virtual exhibits
Smithsonian for Kids

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