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General Science Lesson Plans


Lesson Plans Page - use the search feature
National Standards - lesson plans
Science Lessons
Science Lesson Plan Bank
Lesson Plan Library - By Lesson Plan Library
Submitted via NCSU
Marco Polo
Have Fun Teaching
Lesson Planet



General K-5 Science Resources


DPI Resources
National Science Education Standards
Benchmarks for Science Literacy
NAEP Science
NCSTA Resources
DPI Science Resources K-12 - Word Document
Sci Links
Internet for Classrooms
Classroom Connections
Picture Books
Journey North
Science PPTs - pre-content based science powerpoints

Online Learning Activities

General Online Resources for Kids

General Flash Animation Activities

Quick and Easy Hands On Science Lessons


Outer Space

Variety of Outer Space sites
Moon Phases
Planetary Fact Sheet
Hubble Telescope
Star Child
Views of the Solar System


Changing Color
Great Plant Escape
Life Cycle of a Bean Plants
Plant Parts
Why Do Plants Have Flowers
Underground Adventure


Soil Match Up
Soil Millionworm Game

Body Systems

Skeletal System
Skeletal Fun
Children's Museum Bones Exhibit


Science of Light
Light Show
Optics for Kids


Plant Parts
Flower Parts


Food & Nutrition

Nutrition and Energy
Kids Health - food labels
Ed Helper
Mission Nutrition
Tip Sheet
How to Read a Food Label


Nutrition Explorations

Calories/Nutrients in Food
Food Pyramid
How stuff works - calories
Calories in foods
Kids Health - calories
Calorie Use
Nutrition for Kids
Teach Nutrition
Nutrition Kids
Kids Health
Downloadable handouts & posters

Magnetism & Electricity

Dowling Magnets
Electricity and Magnetism
How Electromagnets Work
How Magnets Work
Magnet Madness
Changing Circuits
Energy and Electricity
Electricity and Magnetism
Lightning Laboratory

Rocks & Minerals

Rocks and the Rock Cycle
Three Types of Rocks
Rocks for Kids
Mineral Matters
Rockhound Kids

Animal Adaptations

Interdependence and Adaptation
Animal Adaptation
Build a Fish
Physical Adaptation


Weather & Climate

Weather and Climate LINKS
Doppler Effect
Doppler Effect & Shockwaves
Forces that Affect Our Weather
Stormy Weather
The Weather Factory
El nino
Weather Instruments
Weather v. Climate
Active Doppler Radars
NOAA offices
La Nina
Hurricane History
Severe Weather & Natural Disasters
Web Weather
The Weather Dude
Weather & You
Weather Eye
Hurricane Hunters
Tornado Information Index
Tornado Alley
Tornado Alley description
Masters of Disaster
Weather Resources for Teachers

Force & Motion
Dr. Skateboard - Great videos on force, friction and motion

Ecosystems / Food Chains & Energy Pyramid
Earth on the Edge
Water Cycle
Blue Planet Biomes
Ecosystems Interactive
Environmentally Biology
Franklin Institute on Ecosystems
Pollutants in Ecosystems
Earth on Edge
Biome Links
Ecosystems Interactive
More Biomes
Desert Animals & Wildlife
Sahara Desert
Zoom Animals
Blue Planet Biomes
Food Chains
Facts about Food Chains
Covers Everything
Kid Port
Science Bob
Illustrated Food Chains
Illustrated Energy Pyramid
Energy Pyramid
Lesson Plans



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